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Astrology, in modern times, is the study of the science that examines the influence of distant celestial objects like the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the stars on human lives. The positions of these cosmic entities at the time of a person’s birth are believed to shape their personality and life, impacting various aspects such as relationships, finances, education, and more.

Astrology, in modern times, is the study of the science that examines the influence of distant celestial objects like the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the stars on human lives. The positions of these cosmic entities at the time of a person’s birth are believed to shape their personality and life, impacting various aspects such as relationships, finances, education, and more.

Astrology, in modern times, is the study of the science that examines the influence of distant celestial objects like the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the stars on human lives. The positions of these cosmic entities at the time of a person’s birth are believed to shape their personality and life, impacting various aspects such as relationships, finances, education, and more.

Aries Compatibility With Other Signs


LOVE – 74%

An Aries person entertains a free-willed personality. When two Aries are in a relationship, they tend to create for themselves a space in which they can breathe easy; in the absence of doubts to choke them. An Aries, as a lover, is very loyal and wants the other person to trust that loyal-ness of them. In an Aries-Aries love match, both individuals are ruled by the planet Mars. This sameness allows them to easily understand each other and their wanting for the independent kind of love. Hence, in a nutshell, an Aries and Aries couple is better at forging a long-term balanced kind of love.

SEXUAL – 90%
We wrote an article where we ranked the most horny zodiac signs of all in astrology. And if you read that for yourself, you would know that Aries occupied the second spot only after Scorpio. Being the first zodiac sign in astrology, Aries usually seek to be number one across all domains and sex is no exception. Well, these people can’t win at everything of course, but sex is surely a game they know how to play, and win invariably. So an Aries and Aries sharing the same bed? May God bless and save the bed.
If not a lover, it’s highly possible that you might find a friend in Aries. So what is Aries and Aries friendship compatibility like? Well, if we have to define it in a word, it would be – competitive. The Aries, as we have mentioned, is very ambitious and headstrong about their goals. These people usually can’t see anyone else taking the front seat in their presence. Thus competitiveness, even in a relationship, is inevitable. However, when the Aries is not busy competing, you would find them indulging in mutual interests. You can trust the Aries and Aries couple to stand by each other when no one else would.
We, surely, have introduced you to the competitive nature of the Aries. Well, that is exactly what stops the Aries from backing down in a conversation. Aries and Aries, when conversing, only listen to reply and won’t usually back down until they have proved their point. They usually want their point of view to win acceptance among others, which surely is not happening when the other person in the chatter is also an Aries. So to make things less argumentative between the Aries and Aries couple, it is better that you two practice the art of analysing what others tell you from multiple perspectives before speaking anything new.
Two Aries individuals together can create a world filled with lots of love and sensuality. However, this relationship, at times, is also prone to selfishness from either side. If you see such signs plundering the Aries and Aries compatibility, then it’s in the best interest to be mature about the situation and talk things out. Because lurking around doubts and discomfort that the fire energy of the two signs brings will only destroy what you share before you even know.


LOVE – 65%

The Aries sign in astrology is ruled by the planet Mars and Taurus, on the other hand, is ruled by the planet Venus. Being the first sign, Aries people are naturally dominating in nature. On the other hand, Taurus, called the bulls of the zodiac jungle, are very stubborn ones who don’t like to be controlled whatsoever. Thus, the two signs, Aries and Taurus, are rarely compatible with each other. The association of a Taurus man and Aries woman, or vice versa, could only operate if the two work very hard to find their passage towards a successful relationship.
SEXUAL – 59%
Even if the Aries (owing to their energy of sexual steer) get into flings and random relationships, it’s very difficult for the Taurus man or woman to replicate the same. Though both Taurus and Aries are very sensual, but when it comes to getting under the sheets, the former likes to find themselves emotionally connected with the person they plan to do it with. Meanwhile, most of the Aries are free of such bonds and love to explore ‘the options’. So simply say, as Aries and Taurus couple in love, you will have a lot of sleepless nights but only if both of you have feelings for each other aka no one night stands.
Aries, though, juggle around being an extrovert and an introvert, a Taurus is a stringent introvert. It is simply very difficult for the two signs to develop a likeness for each other in the first place. However, the bond of friendship, when churned between the Taurus and Aries, is a sign of balance. While the Taurus, using their calmness, could help Aries control their wilderness, meanwhile Aries, on the other hand, could infuse a degree of impulse and adventure into the lives of Taurus. The feminine Taurus and the masculine Aries create a good equilibrium for each other thus enriching the Aries and Taurus compatibility.
Taurus and Aries both have got horns and, though not equally, are very stubborn. The Aries holds on to a point and doesn’t let it go until they have convinced the Taurus about the same. Convince a Taurus? Well, it’s simply like banging your head against the wall. The Taurus native is calm and doesn’t usually indulge in arguments. Though it seems like they are listening, but the fact is that all they do is stand there. Taurus is easy to talk to when you have your facts handy. However, the Aries, most of the time, fail to get those stacked up and end up with a painful throat.
Taurus is ruled by Venus and Aries by Mars. Venus, as a planet, rules over the romantic traits and Mars, on the other hand, brings the fire that ignites the sensuality between the two signs. However, owing to the controlling nature of the Aries and the heightened possessiveness of the Taurus, things could take head towards a dead end very easily between the two signs. So to make an Aries and Taurus relationship work, bringing maturity to the table becomes very necessary.


LOVE – 86%

Gemini and Aries are both optimistic signs and tend to look for the positives when coping with any situation. This kind of trait works very much in the favour of Gemini-Aries love compatibility. These both signs also enjoy excellent communication and deep understanding of one another. When Gemini feels that their partner is being to controlling or if they act too flirtatious towards, both the parties tend to open up about their honest opinions which makes the other fall deeper in love for the other. Together they can make all kinds of new discoveries that they might have missed alone. When a Gemini-Aries couple comes together in a love affair, they connect on a physical as well as an intellectual level. Such a love-compatibility inflames their desire to court and commit to each other for a longer time.
SEXUAL – 89%
The sexual conjunction of a Gemini and an Arian has very far-reaching possibilities. While Aries possesses a heightened sexual drive, the patronee of Gemini is the one who comes up with the most unique and creative ideas. When these traits combine on an intimate level, things could get really steamy in the bedroom. However, some of their activities could be judged on the account of being too different, but both these zodiacs operate on the beat of their own drums. Since Gemini is a warrior by nature, Gemini’s approach to sex might be too playful for their taste. In a relationship with as close proximity as a sexual one, the winds of the Gemini sign will give air to the Fire of Aries. This makes the Gemini-Aries sexual compatibility very eventful.
In terms of Gemini and Aries friendship compatibility, they are matched to have an incredibly dynamic friendship that seems to run on rocket fuel. An Arian loves to try new and creative things which helps it appreciate a Gemini’s unique ideas and implement them. In turn, Geminis are extremely motivating and tend to egg Aries on towards glory. The Gemini-Aries friendship can also take adventurous turns as Gemini is all for activity, no matter how insane it is. This helps the Arian feel liberated. The only pitfall to this aspect of Gemini-Aries compatibility is the lack of trust and clear communication. The patronees of Aries aren’t too big on communicating a clear cut manner. Arians can also be extremely passionate and sometimes jealous which could stifle some of Gemini’s spirit.
When Gemini communicates openly, they give in quite deeply and indulge very quickly. However, for Aries, it may take some time to reach that level of open and proper communication. This mismatch of Gemini-Aries communication compatibility can have some effects in the various relationships between them. This does not mean that an Arian isn’t deep enough to hold an engaging and open conversation since they are usually filled with many ideas in their head. However, the problem arises when an Arian isn’t able to express it clearly. On the other hand, Geminis might tend to talk a little too freely which could test the patience and tempter of an Aries.
When “thinking” meets action, it will only result in one thing, a jam-packed and whirlwind relationship, and this is what Gemini has with Aries. In such a case, the biggest relationship advice for both parties could be to set some ground rules that are mutually decided upon which would help de-escalate certain heightened situations. When worked on properly, a Gemini-Aries relationship can end up being the best one among all possible compatibilities. In addition to these ground rules, the true potential of a Gemini-Aries relationship can be reached by putting a few compromising and balanced adjustments in place. Gemini should adjust to Aries controlling and protective kind of love, and Aries should give their Gemini enough leeway to also take the lead. And if Aries tones down their temperaments, and Gemini starts to find stability and security in their lives, this could make their relationship better.


LOVE – 44%

The Cancer sign individuals, as per astrology, are said to be very caring. These people are very family-oriented and are attracted to their domestic environment. Also, Cancerians are very sensitive beings and can get a bit (read – ‘a lot’) extra possessive at times. Meanwhile, the Aries sign is said to be the controlling ones; who enjoy the luck of immense courage. The outgoing nature of Aries and the shyness of Gemini rarely match, and even if it does, the Cancerian in the relationship might find themselves being controlled by the Aries. The two signs have many dissimilarities but if they work to understand each other, these differences won’t be an issue and brew a Aries and Cancer compatibility.
SEXUAL – 59%
Though the Aries like to dominate in love, the Cancer, on the other hand, is more into the sweet and savoury kind of love (kisses and cuddles to be specific). Though the Cancer won’t stop Aries with their domination work (because they too like it very much) but they might struggle at showing the likeness for it on their face. And this blank expression of Cancer could make the Aries think that the former is not interested in the act. In such cases, starting a love affair on the bed by initiating a dirty chatter and not directly jumping on the act can do much good to enhance the Aries and Cancer sexual compatibility.
The friendship between the Aries and the Cancer is the union of opposites. However, that is not a bad thing especially, if the Aries is male and Cancer a female. The Aries is usually very attracted towards the sensitivity of the Cancer and gets protective of them. Aries in astrology is ruled by Mars and Cancer by the Moon. Aries owns an honest nature and expresses their emotions expressively, which is something that Cancer admires. The Aries and Cancer sign also makes a great match when it comes to trusting each other as they can do it effortlessly.
When it comes to communication, it can really end wars. But only if you let the sentence finish. And that’s something not happening when Aries and Cancer are in the room. Both Aries and Cancer have this impulse to cut each other’s conversation short and push their point towards acceptance. The Aries and Cancer interest differ so much that even when they are trying to have a fruitful conversation, in the back of their mind, the battle is to keep the attention on their respective subject or thought. Well, that self-centred approach makes the conversation tough between these two signs.
Though the fire sign Aries and water sign Cancer, when it comes to love (and usually in everything else), are poles apart, but that shouldn’t stop you both from trying to give your love a chance to bloom. The Aries sense of understanding can help the Cancer during their high and lows, and likewise, the calm and naive nature of the Gemini works to rein the impatience and short-tempered Aries. Even though these approaches to their emotions seem different, they understand each other’s depth and in most cases.


LOVE – 89%

Aries and Leo together are extremely compatible signs as per astrology. The two signs share a great understanding and are eternally ready to complement each other across domains with love being no exception. Aries in astrology is represented by the animal Ram that makes this sign highly social in their approach. Meanwhile, Leo is represented by Lion, which makes these people passionate and independent. And then the fact these qualities exist in coexistence, thus the Aries and Leo signs understand each other’s emotional state perfectly and thus make a very compatible couple.
SEXUAL – 94%
Aries and Leo couple, when really in love, are very faithful to each other. Their mantra of love is ‘you before me’ and it stays intact even when they find themselves between the sheets. They try to show each other their best moves and thankfully, they don’t force themselves into doing it. The Aries and Leo, since they are open about their feelings, thus evolve themselves as a passionate, enthusiastic and secure couple. The couple together brews a sexual relationship that can’t be faded and interpreted.
Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Leo, by the planet Sun. And for facts, both Mars and Sun are masculine energies. Thus, Leo and Aries are able to comprehend each other well. Also, talking about Aries and Leo compatibility in friendship, both these signs are Fire signs. The fire element within makes both the signs wanna be a leader, but there is no competition between the two until the knot of friendship is intact. However, the dent in Leo and Aries’ friendship could be the result of Aries’ impulsive nature to jump onto things and Leo’s unrelenting attitude, which could frustrate Aries.
The Leo and Aries communication is like a naive love story. It starts with the right amount of energy and shyness with the sprinkle of respect for each other. And as they get comfortable, there is lots of sharing of thoughts and “oh, I too like that” moments. Aka, they are interested in similar things, and words are no exception. Even when it comes to communication between the Leo and Aries couple, the chatter is full of emotions. Also, though there is a certain promise of a lot of fights between Aries and Leo, but at the end of the day, it’s all about going back to normal and sharing cuddles.
When it comes to brewing a great Aries and Leo compatibility, it is necessary that the two signs don’t let their obsession to lead affect their relationship. Aries and Leo find it very difficult to follow someone else. And when someone does cross over their path, they could become very competitive about it, especially the man in the relationship. Thus you two together must realise that there comes a time in every relationship when one has to take the back seat and must realise that it’s not falling behind. Understanding this will enhance the Aries and Leo compatibility.

LOVE – 70%

The Virgo is an earth sign, while Aries, on the other hand, is the fire sign of the zodiac jungle. The fusion of the two can either be a source of warmth or could simply burn down the whole forest and there is nothing in between. So simply say, if Aries and Virgo are together, it comes down to what the two make of their relationship with time and understanding. Aries is charismatic and passionate, whereas Virgo is graceful and a perfectionist. These qualities, when combined, can only be a source of all the fine things in the world. However, making this happen would need a lot of effort from both of you.
SEXUAL – 41%
Aries are very energetic beings who seek people of the same energy to surround them. Meanwhile, the Virgo usually do things based on their comfort zone. This is a tad bit authoritative approach of the zodiac that could disinterest the Aries. Virgo rarely takes the effort to surprise their partner with new things, which make the highly sensual Aries feel that they are forcing Virgo into lovemaking. The shyness of the Virgo refrains the Aries from sharing their fantasies with them, and thus their intimate life takes a beating.
Well, though not in love, but in friendship, the Aries and Virgo sign may find for themselves a mutual ground. The Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Virgo is ruled by Mercury. An Aries is like a soldier who likes to dash, however, without much planning. Meanwhile, the Virgo is a tactician who likes to evaluate all their actions. Thus, the two can learn a lot from each other. With time and effort, they could learn to work together and merge their good qualities.
When you think of a partner who brings out the best in you, Aries and Virgo are like, ehh!! They become annoying beings for each other and would get a bit rude, to only end a boring conversation, but less they know that it makes the situation worse. What makes Leo and Aries compatibility in communication worse is the latter’s impulsive nature and readiness to fight and the former’s never-ending talks about a time when they were not understood. Simply put, it’s better that Aries and Virgo talk to a wall rather than talking to each other.
A fire and earth sign, in-fusion together, is a beautiful sight to behold. The relationship could be as soothing as a bonfire or as deadly as a forest fire. Simply said, Aries and Virgo compatibility is what you make of it. If you are able to rein the scope of ego clashes or disagreement beyond a point, you are to enjoy a wonderful encounter. In a nutshell, if as an Aries and Virgo couple, you two are able to adjust according to each other over a few things, then you shall find your happily ever after.

LOVE – 80%

Aries is the Fire sign of the zodiac, while on the other hand, Libra is the Air sign. Aries and Libra make a very compatible pair, but not without certain caution. Air, when controlled, keeps the Fire burning. This means, giving each other space and respect to grow is of utmost importance for Aries and Libra compatibility. Aries and Libra usually find an ethereal pull and attraction towards each other. However, a breach into another’s space is not welcomed as it could lead to the dozing of the fire. Moreover, despite the prevailing attraction, the passive-aggressive behaviour, especially from the side of the Aries usually stops these two from seeing each other.
SEXUAL – 74%
The sexual deeds of Aries and Libra are driven by their opposite nature. While one gives warmth, the other, on the other hand, is said to cool things. So one can expect a balanced sensuality when Aries and Libra are making love between the sheets. However, once they two have shared this sensuality, the two signs, especially Libra, can feel trapped in the relationship. This could hamper self-development, and thus the overall relationship may start feeling boring and unproductive. Thus, it is best that the Aries and Libra couple always develop an understanding of each other’s needs and do not hurry with sensuality.
Aries, as per astrology, is ruled by the planet Mars, the symbol of masculinity, and Libra, on the other hand, is ruled by the planet Venus, the symbol of femininity. Thus an Aries and Libra compatibility in friendship is obvious as the two signs represent a balance of energy. Both Libra and Aries are said to be the starters of things, however, they tend to work in different directions. This means, the Aries and Libra friendship may not find the ‘friends forever’ tag, but till the time they are together, they will create unforgettable moments for themselves. One truly remarkable feat about this union is the harmony they create.
The role of the Aries and Libra beings in each other’s life is very simple. While the Aries, accustomed to their nature, boost their spirits of the Libra, the Libra, on the other hand, allows the Aries to find a balance when it comes to reaching a certain goal. Though the two signs don’t share many similar interests, they tend to talk about their daily activities and pull a conversation out of it. Simply put, despite the fact that the Aries and Libra have got a lot to talk about, they struggle at entwining with each other’s way of conversing. However, they do try anyway and are successful half the times.
While Aries and Libra usually try to stay away from each other, but their fusion is not a disaster. They two will find a bent for each other. Yes, they will also struggle with coping up with the needs of the other in the initial stages, but once they get comfortable, they will find the things they once feared turn into things they want to do over and over again. Simply put, getting into anything with blind enthusiasm, or weighing pragmatic factors only will not help as communication and a deep level of understanding is the key.

LOVE – 82%

Aries, being the first zodiac sign, is said to be very courageous, ambitious and one who is ready to take risks in life. And similarly, the Scorpio personality is passionate, patient and understanding. While the kinda similar traits make many think that Aries and Scorpio make a great couple, but in reality, these similarities become the source of clashes. While the Scorpio likes patience, the Aries’ hurrying attitude is not something the Scorpio likes or would want to be a part of. However, if Aries and Scorpio can combine their energy towards a solo goal, the fusion is beneficial. Honesty is of utmost importance for the signs with the Scorpio needing constant attention. Scorpio also doesn’t like anyone playing with their pride thus if you two seek to co-exist, it is best to not hurt the Scorpio ego and take things easy.
SEXUAL – 73%
Scorpio is the most sensual sign of the zodiac jungle and Aries, on the other hand, too is very sensual. Aries and Scorpio compatibility is built on emotional connection. However, despite the same sensuality, the mood killer is the fact that the Aries doesn’t shy away from getting into flings, which is something the Scorpio doesn’t like. Scorpio seeks a forever kind of love and is comfortable with one who can assure them that they are here to stay. If Aries and Scorpio find an understanding inside their sexual relationship, they would probably need multiple beds. Yet, it is very difficult for them to find their shared language.
Both Scorpio and Aries are ruled by the planet Mars in astrology. The energies of two Mars natives could lead them to either become allies or ruthless enemies. Arguments in friendship are inevitable but the differences won’t exist for long. Aries, as they like to be the starters of things, claims the spotlight in the Aries and Scorpio relationship, meanwhile, the Scorpio stays behind the scenes to support the Aries intellectually and emotionally. Aries and Scorpio could have a wonderful friendship and achieve great success while having their share of fun.
Scorpios are very witty and open-minded people, and so are their conversations. And all they wish for is someone who would listen to them. Well, Aries won’t. In a nutshell, Aries thinks of Scorpio as someone who is too dark and difficult to comprehend, and Scorpio finds Aries as someone who is too shallow for their wits. The Aries individual likes to be straightforward, and thus doesn’t shy away from speaking the harshest truth. Meanwhile, the Scorpio natives think before they speak and are not up for straightforwardness as they believe that there is always a mature way to guide someone. Communication between Aries and Scorpio couple is surely difficult.
The Aries and Libra compatibility is mostly like the explosion of emotions. Only a few Aries and Scorpio couples could proudly say that they have made their relationship work in the long run. And the one those who have are to truly enjoy a great time together. The fire and water though rarely meet, but if handled with care, it can turn into a full-fledged and beautiful relationship.

LOVE – 96%

Aries people are very confident and ambitious who possess leadership qualities. Meanwhile, Sagittarius is known for their extroverted, dynamic, social and friendly attitude. The fire and fire compatibility infuses a very deep level of understanding between these two signs forging an excellent Aries and Sagittarius compatibility. Aries and Sagittarius’ relationship, though slow in the initial stages, picks up pace as Aries reveals their free spirit and steadfast individuality, and Sagittarius their powerful persona and consistent confidence. Though very competitive by nature but when these signs are together, they only work to better each other. Keep Aries and Sagittarius in a room and they would have a lot to share and better each other.
SEXUAL – 100%
Aries and Sagittarius share a very heightened intimacy when it comes to making love between the sheets. If the two fire signs can control their short temperedness, they would usually find themselves ‘on’ each other, making babies like it’s their job. While Aries is very sensual, Sagittarius is next to Scorpio and thus borrows the art of seduction from the latter. In love, the two fire signs hold a reserve of energy and are literally down to share theirs when the other is low on energy. By this, we mean that even when you are not in the mood, the other person will ensure that you are in the mood.
Both Sagittarius and Aries are fire signs who have a knack for adventure. They are both enthusiastic and optimistic, and comprehend each other well and thus not only make a great couple but great friends too. In astrology, Aries is ruled by Mars, which represents initiatives and Sagittarius by Jupiter, the planet which represents indulgence and aspirations. Therefore, this makes the Aries a starter of things, the one who pulls out the best ideas from the kitty and inspires the Sagittarius to eagerly support them (indulgence).
The Aries and Sagittarius mature understanding can be so deep that most of the time, they don’t even need words to understand each other. The two signs push each other beyond their ability to make each other feel that nothing is impossible. The Aries and Sagittarius compatibility is the result of the former’s focus on what the Sagittarius tells them and Sagittarius’ vision that prompts them to perceive how the Aries is curiously entertaining everything they have to say. This level of bonding, in the time to come, develops into a long-lasting affair.
Both Aries and Sagittarius are very possessive about their pride and they can’t stand the other person treating them rudely. While this is a good thing to home when you are dealing with the outside world, but the habit, if it finds its way into the relationship, could be catastrophic. You may feel that your partner, under the pretext of advising you, is trying to captivate you, however, that is rarely the case. The Aries and Sagittarius compatibility is something that can bring the good out in both of you but only if you do not let misunderstandings hamper it.

LOVE – 78%

Capricorn is an Earth sign while Aries, a Fire sign. And if you ever wish to see people who are poles apart, then Aries and Capricorn could be the showpiece you could glare at. Capricorn is the owner of a calm attitude while Aries, on the other hand, is very outgoing in nature. Though in a way, Aries and Capricorn are two linked signs, but they don’t realise it due to the difference in their characters. What could possibly make the Aries and Capricorn relationship work is the belief they have in each other. The two signs are very loyal in approach thus are able to create a full-fledged trustable bond when together. Also, as these two signs are very goal-oriented, you can expect them to support each other on the professional front too.
SEXUAL – 64%
The Aries is usually in the flashiness of things while Capricorn likes to live their life amidst simplicity. The Capricorn also puts a lot of thought before beginning something for themselves. These different traits sometimes become a hindrance for Aries and Capricorn as they can’t find mutual ground. The refusal to adjust to the other person’s way of life causes unnecessary arguments and friction. Thus it is recommended that the Aries and Capricorn couple find a mutual point where they can agree on whatever they do, including sex.
The ruling planet of the Aries is Mars and Capricorn is Saturn. In astrology, the planets Mars and Saturn do not share a good bond, which is something that reflects in Aries and Capricorn compatibility in friendship. An Aries Capricorn friendship seeks constant attention from both ends. However, once the physical contact succumbs, it gets very difficult to continue with the friendship. Nevertheless, the best thing about the Aries and Capricorn is the uniqueness they bring in the partnership. As long as either of them is allowed to preserve their identity, their alliance works well.
Well, well, while most of the signs throw away their arms when it comes to arguing with the Aries but Capricorn is here to give the Aries some competition. Capricorn has the best answers for the clever Aries trying to be over smart and cutting people in between the conversation. The Capricorn and Aries, when communicating, must share less when it comes to deep thoughts and opinions and try to keep their conversations limited to career goals, achievements at work and physical activity. The lesser you share, the better your bond gets.
The Aries and Capricorn relationship doesn’t look like one that could go beyond an extent but exceptions are always there. Aries and Capricorn are two signs with high power of conviction and are very goal-oriented. If they together decide to make things work, they really can strike a cord, ditching all the contracting opinions and beliefs and literally surprising the uncles and aunties who were doubtful of things working out for the two of them.

LOVE – 86%

Here comes your knight in shining armour Aries. Apart from the initial A, there are literally thousands of other things that take the Aries and Aquarius compatibility beyond imagination. The Aries are usually attracted to the Aquarius owing to the latter’s charming personality. The Aries and Aquarius are very idealistic individuals and extremely good at communicating their thoughts and feelings with each other. In love, the Aquarius are a bit reserved but open and excited about learning the hows and wows of the relationship. These two signs usually go well together in general and they support each other through thick and thin.
SEXUAL – 50%
Aquarius is said to be a very cunning sign. Though very reserved initially but when the Aries had spent a few nights with them, the Aquarius uses his/her cunning personality to get from the Aries whatever they please. Thankfully, the Aries, owing to their ultimate desire to express love physically, also are very kinky, and thus the two make a good pair in bed. However, both Aries and Aquarius are very possessive too; and might use sex as a tool to refrain the other person from the threat of other humans in the vicinity. Well, that’s surely not a way that would guard your partner for long. Thus it is better to talk it out for better Aries and Aquarius compatibility.
The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, and the ruling planet of Aquarius is Saturn. Saturn is the planet of creativity that bestows Aquarius with the luck of imaginative vision. Meanwhile, Mars, as the starter of things, helps in putting plans into motion. Moreover, the Aquarius also brings the trait of perseverance in a relationship, which inspires the two to keep working hard. So collectively, the Aquarius and Aries compatibility on friendship brews fruitful consequences for both natives. These signs ideally suit each other, but they also value their individuality, thus may not agree with each other in various instances.
The Aries and Aquarius conversations are so fulfilling that many people would literally pay to listen them talk. It doesn’t happen often for the Aries to find an idol in someone, but an Aquarius does inspire them. An Aries would listen to the Aquarius with sheer curiosity, all excited about what they might discover. Meanwhile, Aquarius also enjoys their role as a sharer for they have so much to say. However, Aquarius is not up for ridiculous conflicts and usually cuts the other person from their life to safeguard themselves from the same. Thus, it is recommended that the Aries rein their impulsive nature and urge to counter when they converse with Aquarius.
Aries and Aquarius compatibility is one that can make Shakespeare blush. These two signs rarely think of parting ways from each other, which is an act to adore. However, while focusing on their long term relationship goals, the Aries and Aquarius couples must not ignore the small battles up front. This is a union for the ages only if the two parties involved know how to keep it alive for that long. And trust us learning that art will only enrich the love that you two share.

LOVE – 88%

Two signs who find it difficult to find a common ground are Aries and Pisces. While the Aries are kinda bold and outgoing, Pisces is known to be very shy and sweet. While the zodiac chart begins with one, meanwhile it ends with the other. So the poles apart are quite visible in theory. But despite this, the Pisces and Aries compatibility shall brew. The Aries goes headstrong into every situation and the Pisces, on the other hand, is fond of expecting the unexpected. The risk-taking skills of both the signs help them balance each other. Moreover, as the Aries and Pisces are neighbours, the fire sign Aries leverages the spot and always protects the gentle Pisces, which is an act that builds trust between the two signs.
SEXUAL – 76%
Owing to a different character, the Aries and Pisces need to work harder to find the same ‘spot’ when it comes to lovemaking. The Aries, again, must not hurry the Pisces who likes to take their time to get into the comfort zone. Meanwhile, the Pisces must also think beyond their needs and try to indulge the Aries through their creativeness rather than discarding them off completely. Aries is one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac jungles thus they may have needs that you might find tough to fulfil. However, don’t let this difference unstable your relationship.
The Aries sign in astrology is ruled by the planet Mars while, on the other hand, Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The influence of Mars keeps the Aries strong and active. Jupiter’s influence adds intensity to their friendship. Aries could help Pisces realise their dreams, and on the other hand, Pisces could provide a recess where Aries could display the softer side of their character. In a nutshell, both the signs complement each other well in a relationship. And as they do so, the chances of their friendship turning into something special are always high.
Aries and Pisces could find many things to talk about but only when there is a sense of comfort between the two. This sense of comfort may develop quickly for the Aries but Pisces likes to take their time owing to their sensitive and protective nature. Pisces people don’t like loud situations, while Aries is as loud as loud can possibly be. Moreover, Aries has the tendency to not look behind or never give up, meanwhile, the Pisces sees no point in chasing something that no longer serves a purpose even if they have to sacrifice their pride. There may be some points of disagreement between the Aries and the Pisces in communication, but nothing they can’t tackle.
Aries and Pisces couple connect with each other both by their differences and appreciation towards each other. Although scenarios between them shall start well yet when their differences come into the frame and begin to take a toll, they would find this partnership struggling. What Aries and Pisces need is a beautiful understanding with a knack for accepting each other’s flaws. Aries must appreciate Pisces ways of being a productive and progressive partner. Pisces must learn to manage their laziness and glee to achieve things. If both value the intensity and passion of their romance, this Aries-Pisces love can be a perfect mashup of romance and compatibility.

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