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Our Astrology Adventure: How We Started and Grew

Once upon a starry time, Yachika Verma and Gunjan Saini joined forces to start Astrology Matrix. It all began in 2021 on Instagram, where their videos about astrology and palm reading got lots of love. People couldn’t get enough of their palm reading videos, reaching over 40 million views! With such a warm response, Yachika and Gunjan decided to expand their horizons.

They spread their cosmic knowledge to YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat, gaining followers everywhere they went. The support they received inspired them to turn Astrology Matrix into something bigger. They didn’t just want to share info; they wanted to create a place where people could get real help.

That’s when Astrology Matrix became a hub for astrology, palmistry, numerology, tarot, and Vastu consultations. But they didn’t just hire anyone. Yachika and Gunjan made sure to pick experts with super-high accuracy in their readings. But before bringing them on board, they tested them out themselves.

They let these experts read their own astrology charts, predict their pasts and futures, and even suggest changes to their names. They even tried wearing the gemstones the experts recommended to see if they made a difference. Only after seeing real results did they invite these experts to join the Astrology Matrix team.

Now, Astrology Matrix is a friendly place where anyone can find cosmic guidance. Yachika and Gunjan are still leading the way, helping people navigate life’s twists and turns with the help of the stars.

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