Red Tiger eye Bracelet


Discover our Handmade Natural Crystal Stone Bracelet, crafted from stretchable elastic for comfortable wear. This bracelet boasts a diameter of 2.5 inches, featuring 12mm round stones charged by a Reiki Grand Master and Vastu Expert.

This bracelet serves as a powerful tool for various holistic practices, including Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Numerology, Tarot, Astrology, and Feng Shui. It offers 100% authenticity, showcasing the natural beauty of healing stones. Please note that small holes and crack marks may be visible on the surface or inside the stones.

The Red Tiger eye Bracelet, akin to its counterpart Tiger’s Eye, serves as a protective and grounding crystal. It possesses potent qualities that offer various benefits.

When you wear Red Tiger’s Eye, you harness its potential for meditation and self-care. This stone empowers you with the drive, determination, and strength needed to pursue your goals and desires. It enhances your focus and concentration, aiding you in achieving your aspirations.

Red Tiger eye Bracelet also fortifies your connection with the Earth’s energy, strengthening your roots and providing a solid foundation. This grounding effect fosters self-assurance and empowerment, allowing you to stand resolute in your authenticity.

Moreover, Red Tiger’s Eye guides you away from unproductive tasks, redirecting your motivation toward essential activities. It infuses you with physical energy and revitalization, bestowing vivacity and vigor.

Associated with the root chakra, Red Tiger’s Eye emanates grounding energy, helping you establish a sturdy foundation and remain rooted even in challenging circumstances.

Emotionally, Red Tiger’s Eye contributes to healing by removing emotional baggage that may be hindering your progress. It revitalizes and inspires, making it a valuable addition to your crystal collection.


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Red Tiger eye BraceletRed Tiger eye Bracelet
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