An Astrological Study of Milind Soman

Astrological Study of Milind Soman– Milind Soman, the acclaimed Indian supermodel, was born on November 4, 1965, in Glasgow, Scotland. After living in England for seven years during his childhood following his family’s migration, he moved to Mumbai, India, where he attended Dr. Antonio Da Silva High School and Jr. College of Commerce. He holds a diploma in Electrical Engineering. In 2006, Milind married his first wife, a French actress named Mylene Jampanoi, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2009. In 2018, he tied the knot with Ankita Konwar.

Milind’s entry into the world of supermodeling was seamless, thanks to his captivating appearance. He was hailed as an icon of the 90s. His modeling career began with Alisha Chinai’s music video, “Made in India” (1995). As an international-level swimmer, he represented Maharashtra at the senior level and won the national swimming championship for senior men.

Milind also made appearances in several Bollywood films, including “Agni Varsha,” “16 December,” “David,” “Bajirao Mastani,” and “Chef.” He also ventured into Indian television with shows like “Sea Hawks,” “Captain Vyom,” and “India’s Next Top Model.”

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we have conducted an Astrological Analysis of Milind Soman, the supermodel and actor, based on his horoscope chart and birth details.

Milind Soman’s Birth Details are as follows:

Date of Birth: November 4, 1965, Birth Day: Thursday Birth Time: 06:30:00 hrs Birth Place: Glasgow, England

ASTROLOGY of Milind Soman

Astrological Analysis of Milind Soman

Milind Soman, the Indian Supermodel, is born with the Sun in its sign of debilitation, the cardinal air sign Libra. Despite this, he comes across as an extremely likable individual. The ruler of his ‘Surya Kundli,’ Venus, is positioned in the third house in the fiery sign Sagittarius. This placement gives Milind Soman excellent communication skills and the courage to take calculated risks to advance his prospects.

Jupiter rules both the third and sixth houses in his birth chart. Retrograde Jupiter is placed in the ninth house in the dual nature sign Gemini. It forms an opposition with Venus and influences the debilitated Sun, along with retrograde Saturn and the Moon in the fifth house. The influence of Jupiter brings about development and progress in Milind Soman’s life.

Mercury, the ruler of the ninth house, resides in the second house in the fixed water sign Scorpio, alongside Mars and Ketu. This indicates that Milind Soman has earned his wealth through hard work. Rahu, the shadow planet, is in the earth sign Taurus in the eighth house, signifying the need for him to take care of his health.

The ruler of the tenth house, the Moon, is placed in the last of the air sign Aquarius. Saturn is retrograde in its own sign, Aquarius, in the fifth house. This placement supports a powerful ‘Raj Yoga’ that signifies Milind Soman’s proficiency in strategizing to advance his career and financial prospects. However, it also indicates the need for careful handling of financial matters and budgeting for unexpected expenses.

In the Navamsa (D9) chart, retrograde Jupiter is in its own sign, which strengthens its influence. Mercury and Venus are also in their own signs, enhancing their power.

In the Dasamsa (D10) chart, Jupiter and the Moon are placed in the ninth house. Mars, in its own sign, is alongside Rahu and an exalted Sun in the fifth house, all under the beneficial gaze of Jupiter in the ninth house. These positions strongly support Milind Soman’s success in multiple occupations.

Regarding current planetary transits, Saturn, the taskmaster, is transiting in its own sign, Capricorn, moving through the fourth house in his ‘Libra Surya Kundli.’ Saturn’s influence on the debilitated Sun suggests that Milind Soman will need to put in extra effort in various activities. This transit also affects his career-related matters, and he will have to work hard to advance his prospects on multiple fronts. Progress may be gradual, requiring patience and resilience. Milind Soman should strive to avoid conflicts and controversies to ensure steady progress in his endeavors.

Shadow planet Rahu is transiting the fixed earth sign Taurus, retracing its position in the eighth house of Milind Soman’s birth chart.

This placement suggests that the Indian Supermodel, Milind Soman, needs to pay close attention to his health. He should not ignore even seemingly minor health issues and should promptly address them with appropriate remedies to prevent complications. Furthermore, malefic Ketu is currently transiting the water sign Scorpio, retracing its position in the second house of the birth chart. This indicates the importance of handling financial matters with care. Additionally, Milind Soman should take special care of his right eye and consult an eye specialist if any issues arise, ensuring clear vision.

On a positive note, benevolent Jupiter is currently transiting through its own sign, Sagittarius, and is moving through the third house. It forms an opposition with its own radical position in the ninth house. Jupiter’s transit through the third house also influences the eleventh house, which relates to gains, friendships, and long-held wishes.

This suggests that Milind Soman, the Indian Actor, is in for a prosperous period in his career. He may even venture into producing a film that receives acclaim from both viewers and critics. Milind Soman will continue to demonstrate his talent as an actor and fitness promoter during this period. The movement of Jupiter enhances the effectiveness of progressive forces, paving the way for numerous opportunities in the near future.

The presence of two major planets transiting their own signs and moving through significant houses strongly indicates that Milind Soman has substantial opportunities ahead, leading to increased wealth and financial prosperity.

In summary, when considering the planetary positions in the Libra ‘Surya Kundli’ and the influence of major transiting planets, we predict that Milind Soman, the Indian Actor, and Supermodel, will undergo a period of substantial progress and financial success in the near future.

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