4 Sensitive Zodiac Signs

Ever wondered why some folks seem more sensitive than others? Astrology sheds light on this with insights into personality traits. 

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Here are the top four zodiac signs known for their heightened sensitivity:

  • Cancer: Deeply emotional and empathetic, Cancers feel intensely and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Their sensitivity runs deep, making them profoundly empathetic.
  • Pisces: With their empathetic and intuitive nature, Pisces not only sense others’ emotions but absorb them too, sometimes feeling overwhelmed. Their intuition is both a gift and a challenge.
  • Scorpio: Often misunderstood due to their intense demeanour, Scorpios feel everything deeply, from joy to betrayal. Their emotional intensity can lead to profound insights and challenges.
  • Taurus: While not immediately associated with sensitivity, Taurus individuals are deeply affected by emotional disruptions. They value stability and comfort, and any threat to these can deeply affect them.

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