5 Essential Vastu Tips for a Positive Workplace

Discover the ancient Indian wisdom of Vastu Shastra to enhance the energy and prosperity of your workplace. Here are five must-follow Vastu tips:

  1. Choosing the Right Location: Ensure the growth and prosperity of your business by selecting a workplace with good connectivity and peaceful surroundings. Avoid noisy areas with unpleasant odors, such as garbage dumps or hospitals. According to Vastu, the North, North-west, and North-East directions attract good fortune, influencing the energy and fortune of your business.
  2. Optimal Entrance Design: Pay attention to the entrance of your office. Make sure it faces the North, North-west, or North-East directions. Avoid placing obstructions in front of the main gate, such as pillars, dust bins, or trees. A well-lit entrance, free of clutter, emits positive energy and contributes to a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.
  3. Furniture Placement Matters: In line with Vastu principles, opt for traditional, regular-shaped furniture instead of modern revolving chairs. Conventional office furniture promotes the correct flow of energy. Choose furniture that complements the Vastu guidelines, fostering a positive work environment.
  4. Harmonious Interiors and Colors: Be cautious while selecting interiors and colors for your office. Avoid artifacts that depict stagnancy and opt for those symbolizing growth and harmony. Paintings or statues of animals indicating pace and prosperity are recommended. Choose colors wisely; shades from the red family can be used in the northern part of the office, while lighter and soothing shades promote positivity and efficiency.
  5. Allocate Office Departments Wisely: Properly allocate different departments within your office based on Vastu principles:
    • Financial department: Face towards the North.
    • Guest/welcome room: Located in the North-East corner.
    • Working partners’ room: Faces the North direction.
    • Document storage: In the South-west direction.
    • Conference room: In the North-west direction.
    • Energy-emitting devices: Face the South-East direction.
    • Keep the center of the office unoccupied.

Follow these Vastu tips to create a harmonious and prosperous work environment, fostering positive energy and growth in your business.

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