5 Vastu Tips for Government Job Success

In the competitive world of government jobs, success is key. Here are five Vastu tips to enhance your chances:

  • Study Area: Place your study desk in the north or east direction for positive energy and clarity. Avoid studying under a beam and consider adding a crystal globe for positive vibes
  • Bed Placement: Position your bed in the south-west direction for stability and peaceful sleep. Keep it clutter-free and avoid placing it under a beam.
  • Activate the North Zone: Place a green plant or a water fountain in the north zone to attract opportunities and career growth. Keep it well-lit and clutter-free.
  • Enhance the Entrance: Keep your entrance well-lit, clutter-free, and place an auspicious symbol like the swastika on the doormat for positive energy flow.
  • Use Colors Wisely: Use shades of green, blue, and white in your study and work areas to enhance focus and concentration. Avoid dark colors for a positive atmosphere.

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