Astrology and Past Lives: An Energetic Connection

Astrology has long fascinated those seeking life guidance. It’s an ancient system that uses celestial patterns to interpret human behaviour and events. Some believe astrology can shed light on past and present lives, connecting the present to a larger cosmic story.

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The Heavenly Map of Past Lives:

Astrologers often analyse the natal chart, a unique map of the sky at birth. Some see this chart, with its planetary positions, as holding memories from past lives. They believe specific planetary aspects and positions may point to unresolved issues or talents carried over.

Karmic Astrology: Untangling Fate’s Web:

Karmic Astrology focuses on past lives, rooted in the concept of karma—the law of cause and effect. It suggests that past actions impact present circumstances. Karmic astrologers decode natal charts to uncover karmic patterns, revealing opportunities and challenges on the soul’s journey.

Planetary Influence on Past-Life Themes:

Certain planets play central roles in Karmic Astrology. The Moon, linked to emotional patterns, offers insights into enduring relationships. Saturn symbolises karmic lessons and areas needing personal growth due to past experiences.

Beyond Time: Progressions and Transits:

Astrology considers progressions and transits alongside the natal chart. Progressions track symbolic planetary movements, representing lifelong development. Transits highlight present planetary positions relative to the natal chart, offering insights into past energies or opportunities for growth.

Navigating Belief and Skepticism:

While many find meaning in astrology and past lives, skepticism remains. Critics question the lack of empirical evidence. Yet, for those finding comfort in astrology’s cosmic dance, scientific proof isn’t essential.

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