Astrology: Understanding Planet Characteristics

Astrology says that planets tell us about ourselves and our lives. There are nine planets in astrology, each with its own traits. Knowing about these planets helps us understand our fate and make changes if needed. Let’s take a look at each planet and how it affects us:

  • Sun (Surya):
  • The sun is like a leader among the planets. It represents authority, strength, and bravery.
  • People in power often have the sun as their ruling planet.
  • Worshipping the sun regularly can bring positive effects.  
  • Moon (Chandra):
  • The moon is like a caring mother. It influences our emotions and moods.
  • It has a big impact on our minds because it’s close to the Earth.
  • People who are very sensitive usually have the moon as their ruler.
  • Mars (Mangal):
  • Mars represents energy and ambition. People with Mars as their ruler are often very active and determined.
  • They’re good at facing challenges, but they might also have a tendency towards aggression.
  • Mars-ruled individuals might excel in careers like the military or police.
  • Mercury (Budha):
  • Mercury is like a prince among planets. It’s linked to intelligence and learning.
  • People ruled by Mercury are usually good at math and communication.
  • Weak Mercury might affect a person’s ability to communicate well.
  • Jupiter (Guru):
  • Jupiter is a powerful planet that brings positivity and happiness.
  • It’s associated with wealth and knowledge, so people with Jupiter as their ruler might excel in professions like teaching or law.
  • A well-placed Jupiter can help navigate tough times smoothly.
  • Venus (Shukra):
  • Venus is seen as very feminine and is connected to love, beauty, and relationships.
  • People with Venus as their ruler often have success in their love lives and friendships.
  • Careers like acting or fashion might suit Venus-ruled individuals.
  • Saturn (Shani):
  • Saturn represents responsibility and discipline. It makes us work hard and stay organised.
  • If Saturn is weak, it might bring challenges and hardships.
  • People ruled by Saturn might lean towards spirituality.
  • Rahu (Dragon’s Head):
  • Rahu doesn’t have a physical form but is important in astrology. It represents desires for material things.
  • It can bring wealth and comfort when placed favorably.
  • Ketu (Dragon’s Tail):
  • Ketu is Rahu’s counterpart and represents spirituality and past experiences.
  • It aims to enlighten people and is associated with professions like astrology or medicine.

Understanding these planets helps us make better decisions and navigate life’s challenges. Astrology teaches us about their effects on us and how to use this knowledge for personal growth.

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