How to Properly Wear Gemstones

Gemstones are fascinating mineral crystals that adorn jewelry and hold astrological significance, believed to bring positive changes to people’s lives. However, wearing them correctly is crucial to harness their benefits.

  • Seek Astrological Guidance

Gemstones interact with specific planetary energies, so it’s essential to wear them based on your birth chart and astrological factors. Consult an experienced astrologer to determine the right gemstone for you, considering factors like weight and size.

  • Choose Authentic Gemstones:

Ensure you acquire genuine gemstones from reputable dealers to experience their cosmic impacts fully. Beware of duplicity and impurity prevalent in the market.

  • Purify the Gemstone:

Before wearing, cleanse the gemstone from external impurities using Ganga jal or saline water. Leave it under sunlight or moonlight for a few hours, and manifest your intentions behind wearing it.

  • Wear Properly:

Wear the gemstone touching your skin continuously, preferably in a ring, bracelet, or pendant. Avoid wearing it below the waist. Consult the Vedic Mahurat for auspicious timing.

  • Maintain Regularly:

Clean the gemstone regularly with appropriate methods recommended by astrologers to preserve its energy. Periodically monitor its condition to ensure its effectiveness.

  • Be Patient for Results:

Don’t expect immediate miracles. Results will manifest gradually over time. Patience is key, as no gemstone yields overnight results.

  • Store Carefully:

Avoid frequently removing the gemstone from its place. Store it in an auspicious location when not in use, preferably in a separate box to maintain its positivity.

In summary, gemstones hold significant astrological value, impacting various aspects of life. Wearing the right gemstone diligently, after consult with an astrologer, is crucial for overall well-being and positive outcomes.

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