Vastu Tips for a Peaceful Home

Your home is like a sanctuary where you find peace. Vastu Shastra is an old science that helps bring peace and success by balancing energies in your home. Here are some simple tips from Vastu Shastra to make your home peaceful:

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1. Entrance of the House:
The entrance is where all energies enter your home. Keep it clean, well-lit, and obstacle-free. According to Vastu Shastra, the main door should ideally face North, North-East, or East. This invites progress and success into your life. Use good quality wood for the door and avoid placing items like fountains, shoe racks, or animal statues nearby. Instead, consider placing an image of Lord Ganesha for happiness.

2. Room Placement:
Follow Vastu guidelines for the placement of rooms. For example, the kitchen should be in the South-East, and the puja room in the North-East. This helps in positive energy flow and keeps negativity out.

3. Choosing Colours:
Use colours wisely as they affect energy flow. Colours like yellow, pink, and orange bring positivity. You can use flowers, candles, and bed sheets in these colours to enhance positivity in your home.

4. Indoor Plants:
Plants indoors freshen up the energy. They uplift moods and promote well-being.

5. Proper Ventilation:
Ensure good air circulation and sunlight in your home. Open doors and windows in the morning for fresh air. Sunlight is essential for life. Lighting a lamp near water sources can also improve well-being.

6. Kitchen:
Place the kitchen in the southeast direction and use bright colours. Avoid dark colours and ensure proper placement of the gas burner and sink.

7. Bedroom:
The bedroom should be in the Southwestern corner for stability and wealth. Keep it well-lit and clutter-free. Choose calming colours and avoid placing the bed in front of a window.

8. Study Room:
Keep broken or useless items out of your home. Choose storage areas wisely and avoid clutter. Install a water fountain for constant flow of positive energy and prosperity. Place happy pictures on the Southwestern wall to affirm happiness.

Following these simple Vastu tips can bring peace and prosperity to your home. Consulting a Vastu expert can provide further insights. By aligning things correctly, you can channelize energy effectively and bring good fortune to your family.

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